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This page is dedicated to our beautiful baby girl, Bethany. Bethany was 8 years old and lost her fight to Wilms tumour, a rare childhood cancer of the kidney on the 12/10/12 after a four year battle to beat the odds. Please take a moment to look at our story, the aim of Bethany's Wish and news updates. 

Help us to raise awareness of Wilms and childhood cancer, support other families still fighting and the need to find a cure. Childhood cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease for children, help us create smiles in the darkness, in memory of a beautiful girl with an everlasting smile. 

Registered Charity No 1151760.
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What is Wilms?

Wilms' tumour is a type of kidney cancer that was named after Dr Max Wilms, who first described it.

It affects approximately 80 children per year in the UK. A Wilms’ tumour may begin to develop in the kidneys when a baby is still inside the womb, if the specialist cells which should have gone on to be kidney cells remain immature. If these cells do not mature they can grow to form a Wilms’ tumour (nephroblastoma).

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Registered Charity No 1151760
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