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Nightwing Year One

Nightwing Year One

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Unsure of what to do and where to turn, he seeks solace from familiar sources-including Superman, Batgirl, and Deadman. While writing multiple Punisher and Batman comics (and October 1994's Punisher/Batman crossover), he also found time to launch Team 7 for Jim Lee's WildStorm/Image and Prophet for Rob Liefeld's Extreme Studios.

His earliest comics work was writing Evangeline first for Comico Comics in 1984 (then later for First Comics, who published the on-going series), on which he worked with his then-wife, the artist Judith Hunt. Although, in small exchanges such as the one in the latest Infinite Crisis books between Wayne and Grayson, you catch a glimpse of the nostalgia between these two characters and an understanding. The reason I got into reading comics was because I wanted to know more about what happened between Bruce and Dick. Dixon’s tales were exciting, exploring new territory, while still keeping Dick Grayson just within the sphere of the other Bat-titles. I really enjoy the fact that Superman is this cool uncle figure to Dick Grayson and that Supes has immense respect for Batman's kid partner and likely did far before his dour counterpart.But I found in reading Nightwing: Year One that the story is as much about Nightwing's origins, ultimately, as it is about Jason Todd's--making this as much Nightwing: Year One as it could be the precursor to the year one story of Robin II. He is (along with artist Graham Nolan) the creator of the Batman villain Bane, the first permanent addition to the Dark Knight's rogues gallery in 40 years and for which he won 1993's Wizard Fan Award for best new character. It gives explanation as to why Grayson walked away from his famous sidekick role (other than obviously aging out of it, since he was no longer a cherubic teenager), and how he took a brief sabbatical of sorts before segueing into a new identity as vigilante Nightwing. Without any grit, gore, or vulgarity, this origin story is simply uplifting and inspiring at the end of the day.

Throughout the first two thirds of the story, Dixon has also been threading (at an accelerated pace) Batman's discovery of Jason Todd and appointment of the kid as the new Robin. His exploration of his roots in the circus and the pull that he can't deny to continue in the path in which Bruce has trained him make him an incredibly compelling hero. The 103 third parties who use cookies on this service do so for their purposes of displaying and measuring personalized ads, generating audience insights, and developing and improving products. Nightwing having to convince Commissioner Gordon he's the former Robin and the way he does it is cute while his trip to Arkham to pay a visit to the Joker is a trip that does nicely to distinguish him both from his former persona but also from Batman.On June 10, 2008, Dixon announced on his forum that he was no longer "employed by DC Comics in any capacity. The story is also narrated by Dick Grayson, as if he's talking to Batman, giving us key insight on his understanding of the Dark Knight's way of life, himself, and how the world around him works. Though Nightwing: Year One is enjoyable overall, little of what's established here is new--nor, at least, is it necessarily attributable to modern continuity. It's a coming-of-age tale that is equal parts Nightwing's emergence and the passing of the torch to Jason Todd. Fortunately, it is available for digital download on Kindle and Comixology or streaming on DCUniverseInfinite for reading, and that’s how I’ve been able to reread the book because I borrowed it from my local library and read it years ago.

While the visual style can be easy to get used to, the character designs aren't that impressive at all. While he still believes in the Dark Knight's crusade, it's time for him to don a new uniform, a new name, and a new lifestyle. The second chapter is probably my favorite as it's a (almost)Nightwing/Superman team-up and I love Nightwing/Superman team-ups. I would recommend, if you can, getting the back issues as it is fun to read the story and also see the ads and “what’s happening” of that era. Unable to avoid fighting crime, Grayson begins a new odyssey, donning a new uniform and gaining a new heroic identity.

Overall, I like the artwork for this graphic novel, and it has a unique look that makes for a memorable book. However, Nightwing brings an attitude, style, and level of action to the comics that is very entertaining. With collaborator Chuck Dixon, Scott wrote BATGIRL YEAR ONE, named Best Miniseries of 2003 by WIZARD Magazine, as well as the bookending minis ROBIN YEAR ONE and NIGHTWING YEAR ONE. I think it would have been better if more time was taken to show the tensions between Bruce/Batman and Dick and flesh out his journey a bit more rather than breezing through and telling us a few details. He also wrote many issues of Catwoman and Green Arrow , regularly having about seven titles out each and every month between the years 1993 and 1998.

From the start, we are thrown into the midst of the action and Dick's journey to becoming Nightwing was a bit rapid. Although the quiet scenes are there to give development to Dick Grayson as a character, this book doesn’t have many action scenes in it, although the last few chapters are about him meeting Jason Todd and helping him pass “the gauntlet,” the final test to become Robin. He was always my favorite Robin and getting to see him come into his own as Nightwing just made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Scott Beatty has authored adventures for many of comics' most iconic characters, including Batman and Robin tales for DC Comics, as well as The Phantom and Buck Rogers for Dynamite Entertainment. I liked reading about this transformation plus seeing how the former and newest Robin interacted for the first time.Fans of the Dick Grayson character are familiar with the broad strokes of Nightwing’s development, but most of that history still focussed on Grayson’s time as a sidekick, and as Robin. It was nice seeing Dick break away and become his own person, I think his story is relatable to almost everyone who comes to the point in their lives where they break away from their parents and come into their own.

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