11.22.63: Stephen King

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11.22.63: Stephen King

11.22.63: Stephen King

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On that gray street, with the smell of industrial smokes in the air and the afternoon bleeding away to evening, downtown Derry looked only marginally more charming than a dead hooker in a church pew.

It´s difficult to differentiate what fueled King when, because he used to smoke like a chimney, drink, and consume marihuana already before 1985 with cocaine and hard pills, and one of my biggest questions is how drunk and high he was before officially becoming an alcoholic, cocaine, and stimulant addict. He evokes such a range of emotions in these pages, one minute I was laughing, the next I was crying. A constant suspense and wonder as the reader considers when- and how- we'll get to that fateful titular date, not to mention what will happen when we get there, and once we leave it behind. But I find myself once again in that situation where I read a book I always meant to read and mentally kick myself for not giving in sooner.We see little echoes from Pennywise the Clown era in Derry, meet our favorite 1958 Plymouth Fury (Hellllloooo there, Christine!

Kennedy provided a golden opportunity to every disgruntled crazy out there by deciding to ride in an open car through the hostile city of Dallas, Texas. Once I’m there, I will also risk my life to save a bunch of other people that I barely know because I want to demonstrate how amazingly selfless I am. As an experiment, Jake travels back to 1958 to save Harry's family, who will be killed by his father on Halloween night. Once in the future, Jake discovers that Earth has become a wasteland after a nuclear war in 1974, and that natural disasters occur regularly.And of course forming intimate relationships with the people from another time line may risk your entire future as well! King found work in the kitchens of Pineland, a nearby residential facility for the mentally challenged. By the way, this trip to the past gives plenty of deeeeee-licious 'Easter Eggs' to King's Constant Readers. By stopping Kennedy's assassination, he initiates massive earthquakes, leading to lots of deaths and eventually to nuclear meltdowns years later. I started this when I was thirty-five, and if I go back, only two minutes will have passed in 2011, but I’ll still be forty.

Characters [ edit ] Fictional [ edit ] Jacob "Jake" Epping An English teacher at Lisbon Falls High School in Maine.I'm off to turn my time travel machine, nearly finished, back into something a little less dangerous to the world like a cappuccino machine.

It’s how Al was able to accumulate money and a few other items and still take them back to the past when he needed. He establishes a new life in the past, in a world filled with big American cars, rock'n'roll, and shameless racism, sexism and homophobia. The Green Card Man says that he is part of a group of people who monitor time-slips, and who are often driven to insanity because of the many realities that are created when someone travels to the past. Sai King, I will continue to be your Constant Reader for hopefully many more years to come, Capital-L Literature or not. After that, you could try more King, or move on and at least be able to tell your friends, “yeah, I read a Stephen King book *accomplished grin on face*”.This section of the novel is littered with real people, and King does his best to make them his own, a sometimes difficult proposition with people as infamous as these. At first his mission is just to stop Lee Harvey Oswald from assassinating JFK, but then little things pop up here and there making him consider a few new things that need to be changed. I 've read both of them and have been meaning to ask him if he would consider putting the first version on the site so people could compare. The professor’s own novels would be prized by a more discerning literary palate and he would savor his peer recognition. Jake Epping is a thirty-five-year-old high school English teacher in Lisbon Falls, Maine, who makes extra money teaching adults in the GED program.

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