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Tuesday November 25, 2014 at 12:45pm

Ocean Finance has announced that the second stage of its Win the Tin campaign for small UK charities is now underway, after thousands cast their votes for their favourite charity to be included. And local charity Bethany’s Wish from Coventry is one of the few to make the second stage of voting, from more than 200 entries!

The mortgage and loan provider launched its campaign in October and over the next three weeks more than 6,000 nominations came in from people keen for the small charitable cause they supported to be included. A qualifying charity was defined as one based in the UK and with an annual income of no more than £249,999. They also had to be registered with The Charity Commission, The Office of the Scottish Charity regulator or The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland.

Now a shortlist of 20 charities has been drawn up and, as of November 24th, people are invited to vote for the one they want to win.

Ocean’s charity shortlist:

Alopecia UK

Ben's Den

Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels

Bethany's Wish

Capricorn Animal Rescue

Captive Animals Protection Society (CAPS)

Charlie Cookson Foundation

Count The Kicks

Emily's Star

Epilepsy Sucks UK

Greyhound Gap

Millie's Trust

Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund

Rain Rescue

Safe Homes and Kindness (SHAK)

School Club Zambia

Street Angels CNI Network

Super Josh

Veterans In Action

Wellspring Stockport


The public is being invited to vote for the charity they feel is most deserving of the £5,000 prize. The charities that place second and third will also receive a cash prize to help them continue their good work, and one member of the public who nominated a charity during the first round of voting will win a prize too. Voting closes on 12th December 2014 and the winners will be announced during the week commencing 15th December 2014.

Votes can be cast at http://www.oceanfinance.co.uk/win-the-tin/, where people can also find out more about each of the charities in the shortlist and the work they do.

Ian Williams, spokesman for Ocean, says: “We’ve always known that Britons are a generous lot who love doing their bit for charity, but we’ve been overwhelmed by the number of votes cast for some of the country’s smaller – but equally hard-working – charities. Win the Tin is a great chance to give these charities the recognition they deserve.”


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