'Wilms Tumour Research Fund
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Aims of Bethany's Wish

  1. To raise awareness of wilms tumour 
  2. To be a voice for children with cancer
  3. To support wilms tumour research

We work achieve these aims by:

  • Campaigning to raise awareness of Wilms tumour and childhood cancer
  • Being an international voice for children with cancer, promoting change, innovation and prioritising new drug development
  • Supporting families of children with Wilms tumour UK wide with a website, social media support groups and information booklets provided by CCLG.

Bethany's wish wants to ensure that something magical comes of our tragic loss, so that Bethany will never be forgotten. 

Our dream is for Wilms tumour to have a 100% cure rate. We want children diagnosed with cancer to be able to smile through the darkness, just like Bethany did, please help us and donate today!

Registered Charity No 286669
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Email: bethanyswish@gmail.com 
Facebook: Bethanys Wish 
Twitter: @angelbethanyp