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Organisations providing help and support

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Organisation Links for families


Clic Sargent

Little Princess Trust – Provides wigs for children with cancer

Cancer Research

Institute of Cancer Research 

Be Child Cancer Aware

Childhood Cancer International (formerly ICCCPO)

National Wilms Tumour Study Group

Wilms Tumour Link Group (WTLG)  
A parent led group which meets with leading researchers in Great Ormond Street to discuss research priorities for Wilms tumour. Also supports parents with a child affected by Wilms.

Facebook – Wilms Tumour Link Group (closed group)
Twitter - @wilmsuk
Email- wilmstumourlinkgroup@gmail.com

The Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG)

Children’s Oncology Group

National Cancer Institute- Coordinates, conducts and supports cancer research. They also provide online, email and telephone information in English and Spanish

Childhood Cancer Alliance (Formally NACCPO)

Believe In Magic – Wish granting charity supporting children with life-limiting illnesses. Also hosts parties in London for special children

Rays of Sunshine – Wish granting charity for children with life-limiting conditions. Also considers requests from children who have previously received a wish

Cyclists fighting cancer – provides bikes for children with cancer

CROCCS (Carers and Relatives of Children with Cancer Support Group) for families in Coventry and Warwickshire affected by childhood cancer. CLICK HERE 

Many thanks to the organisations and literature articles which have gone into providing information for this website. Also a huge thank you to Professor Kathy Pritchard-Jones and the team at Great Ormond street for their support and guidance with this site. 

Always consult your oncology professional first with any questions relating to treatments and medical advice. 

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