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Logan's Story

On the 17th of February 2012 Logan was diagnosed with a tumour 10cm in diameter in his left kidney, a Wilms tumour. This devastated his family and threw them into a whirlwind. Logan had 5 weeks of chemotherapy with vincristine, and then underwent surgery to remove his left kidney. He was staged at stage one, medium risk and underwent 4 more weeks of chemotherapy. He was then given the good news that he was cancer free. He had checkups every two months.

On Saturday 26th January 2013, Logan wasn't himself, he wouldn’t let his mum change his nappy or even touch him. He was walking like he was bow legged and his testicals were large. His family were told he had fluid on them and nothing to worry about.

On Sunday morning he was much worse. Over the next two days he underwent X-rays, ultrasound scans and CT scans.

On Tuesday 29th January his parents were told the devastating news that he had relapsed and it had spread. Two more tumours had been found. One attached to his stomach lining and the other attached to his left testical. They planned to do biopsies on both tumours.

On Thursday he went down for surgery, 3 hrs later the surgeons came to tell his parents that they had decided to removed both tumours along with his left testical.  Logan had to undergo 6 months of strong chemotherapy, cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin and etoposide on a 3 weekly cycle and he was to have 4 days hydration during this as he only had the one kidney. They also did 14 rounds of radiotherapy on the abdomen. 

Logan is now cancer free once more and has monthly checkups with bloods and every 2 months has scans, planned for two years (X-rays, ultrasound and CT scan). After this checkups will be 6-monthly.

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