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Kara's Story

In July 2012, Kara was diagnosed with stage V Wilms tumour to both kidneys and her lungs. She had no symptoms other than a little bit of a tummy, which her mum was told is common in children. When her mum noticed a lump on one side of her tummy she took her to A and E and it was then that they were told the devastating news. She was diagnosed with stage V Wilms (bilateral). 

She received initial chemotherapy and then underwent a left nephrectomy and a partial right nephrectomy followed by a 32 week chemotherapy regime and also received radiation to the lungs. 

Kara contracted a central line infection and had to have it removed towards the end of her treatment, but doctors were so pleased with her reaction to treatment and due to her body taking so long to recover in between treatments, they decided to withhold the last two chemotherapy sessions.

She has just completed her treatment and has follow up with an MRI scan and then regular scans for the kidney every three months and chest x-ray every six weeks. 

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