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Angelina's Story

Angelina Eileen Vidler was diagnosed with stage 4 favourable Wilms tumour on 23 July 2006 when she was 3 and a half.
Angelina was a very happy and vibrant young girl, a dancing princess.  She had just finished performing in her ballet show, when she woke in pain.  In the morning her parents noticed her stomach had changed shape.  They raced her to A&E where she was scanned.  They were then told she had a Wilms tumour.  Who would believe that a beautiful child could have cancer?

The next day they were rushed to Great Ormond Street Hospital, where for the next two years, Angelina’s family would spend most of their lives.
Angelina began a course of chemotherapy, surgery to remove her kidney, radiotherapy and further chemotherapy.  Angelina not once complained and in between medication tried to still go to ballet, play with friends and family.  She never even made a fuss about losing her hair.  Her parents made a special box where they put her beautiful hair, and when it all fell out, they put it under her bed for the 'hair fairy'. The hair fairy came and left her with a special dressing up outfit she wanted!  She was still so very beautiful, a special shining star. 
Angelina was given the All Clear in April 2007. She had her first three month check in July 2007 which was all clear. She started her new School in September 2007 and her hair began to grow back. Angelina made so many new friends at school and was ready to put Wilms behind her.
On the 18 October 2007 on her six month check her parents were given the devastating news that the 'Wilms' had returned to her Lung in 4 nodules.  How very, very cruel.
Angelina still didn't complain - she took it all on board!  Her intensive treatment began straight away and more radiotherapy but more serious this time, poor thing.
One part of this protocol was to mobilise her stem cells - 3 million of them, so she had them for a major part of her treatment with high dose chemotherapy. Doctors tried over several months for these, each time unsuccessful, this had never happened before.

Angelina still never complained, about the hair loss, the sickness, the needles etc.
She kept on smiling, loving and dancing and accepting. Her parents were very honest with Angelina, who in turn told her friends and family all about what she was going through too.
In May 2008 - Angelina's 'basic' treatment finished, she was unable to have the high dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplant due to the failure to obtain cells. She had an x-ray and her chest was clear.  Her parent crossed their fingers and their hearts.
In July 2008 Angelina fell ill with a chest infection and was complaining of headaches. On the 10 July 2008 in Southend hospital, Angelina was given a scan of her head.  It was confirmed via GOSH she had 'Wilms' in the brain. 

On the 11th July they travelled to London to see the consultant, who confirmed the cancer had returned to her chest as well. They were given the news that Angelina has weeks to live.
Her family went home with one wish, to live life to the full.
On the 15 July, Angelina fell ill, and had a fit, which her parents were warned about.  She was on medication to help her with this.  On the 16th August at 12.51am, Angelina passed away in bed with her mummy and daddy and still with a beautiful Smile on her face.
Throughout her illness, Angelina never complained and lived her life to the fullest.  She, like Bethany was a brave and very beautiful star. She was very special and so very loved by all that knew her.
All throughout her treatment and radiotherapy, lying so still each day, Angelina was a pure inspiration to all.
Before Angelina’s illness, her parents would never have ever dreamt you would come across childhood cancer, even less with their own child. Doctors did everything they could for her but there still needs more to be done - to save other children like Bethany and Angelina and all the other Wilms angels out there, who for some reason, aren't meant to carry on in our world.

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